5 Best Free Proxy Servers To Visit Sites Anonymously In 2020

A substitute server can assistance we facade your temperament on a internet. Maybe we wish to entrance questionable websites, bypass internet censorship in your nation or on your office/school network — carrying a substitute site within your strech is important.

What is a Proxy Server?

A web substitute server radically hides your IP address, by behaving as an middle between a user’s requests and a website.

Once a browser sends a ask to entrance a webpage, a substitute reaches a website with a possess IP residence and therefore keeps a user unknown in a process.

VPN vs Proxy

The usually thing common in VPN and Proxy is that both cover-up a plcae of a user. But distinct a substitute server that usually hides a IP for a sold focus or a singular website, VPN hides a whole network connection.

Moreover, a VPN uses tunneling and encryption so that your information can’t be review by third parties in between, such as your internet use provider (ISP), your internal Wi-Fi operator, or your nosey government.

Unfortunately, many VPN’s come with a price and tend to eat adult a system’s RAM. Hence, if we have a pardonable charge such as accessing information blocked in your country, a giveaway substitute website is a best option.

Important: A substitute isn’t a deputy for VPN as it simply hides your IP and unblocks sites. Don’t use a substitute to revisit sites that need login or payment. In that case, use a VPN.


Best Free Proxy Server For 2020

Internet is filled with giveaway substitute websites — some are utterly useful and safe, others are pressed with overt ads, few even try to meddler on users. So, here is a curated list of a best giveaway proxies that we should use to revisit websites anonymously –

1. ProxySite

ProxySite Best Proxy Server

PorxySite has been a renouned substitute website for many years. The website has a elementary interface, facilities a calm box during a tip where we can enter a website URL and revisit it anonymously.

The problem is, there are a lot of ads on a homepage. On a splendid side, a website offers a series of substitute servers from a US and EU to select from.

ProxySite’s homepage also facilities shortcuts for renouned amicable media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, etc. A highlighting underline of ProxySite is that we can change User-Agent right from a website settings.


2. Hide.me

HideMe Visit website anonymously

Hide me is another best giveaway substitute server for users to censor IP addresses and bypass Internet censorship. However, Hide.me is essentially focused on a VPN service.

As a consequence, a giveaway substitute apparatus is underneath a “VPN apps” section; it’s value observant that giveaway substitute sites offer a apparatus right during their homepage.

At a same time, a giveaway online substitute website offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and FireFox for users to fast open a substitute website.

Coming to a Hideme substitute features, users can select 3 locations — Netherlands, Germany, and a USA. While a servers are reduction in number, a giveaway substitute server compensates with additional options such as enabling cookies, encrypting URLs, stealing scripts, etc.

3. Kproxy

KProxy Proxy

Right off a bat, Kproxy has a minimal, non-intrusive interface with no ads. Apart from that, a substitute website also facilities Google Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

Kproxy has over 10 servers to select from and users can also opt for a non-secure tie before regulating a proxies. Kproxy competence seem like a best giveaway substitute server, even improved than others — though there is a catch.


The Kproxy servers don’t work many of a time. In many instances, a website responded with errors such as “Please try again” or server overkill concurrently seeking users to opt for a pro version.

4. HideMyAss

As a name reasonably suggests, HideMyAss (HMA) is another giveaway substitute website that enables users to censor their IP address. The website offers 6 giveaway substitute servers from opposite countries along with options such as Encrypt URL, Disable cookies, and Remove scripts.

While HMA is no opposite from other giveaway proxies, a website warns users of collecting information before opening adult a server, something that all other substitute websites destroy to mention.

HideMyAss also facilities an IP residence checker, however, a page never worked on my server. However, a substitute servers work according to a expectations.

5. Hidester

Best Proxy Server Hidester

Users looking for mixed giveaway substitute servers competence not like Hidester given it merely facilities dual servers.

But, once we can get past that, we will comprehend that Hidester offers many combined facilities for giveaway that other websites need users to have a paid subscription.

Apart from a web proxy, users can use a DNS trickle test, WEBRTC trickle exam for a browser, and a few more. People can also check their IP underneath “What is my IP.”


Coming behind to a web proxy, Hidester allows users to change a browser agent, forcing online trackers to trust that we are visiting a website from a opposite browser.

Proxy for Netflix

Netflix Proxy Detected

It’s not easy to dope Netflix. As shortly as we use a giveaway Netflix proxy, it won’t take prolonged before Netflix discovers that we are spoofing your location.

On tip of that, we wouldn’t advise we to record in to your Netflix comment underneath a giveaway substitute website given giveaway proxies are not totally safe.

In sequence to watch blocked Netflix calm in your country, users should opt for a reputed VPN such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc.

Proxy for ThePirateBay

Most of a mentioned substitute websites don’t concede swell websites given they move in feverishness from a authorities.

If opening a swell website such as ThePirateBay is a solitary reason for going to a substitute server, afterwards we can head over to our of best Pirate Bay substitute list.

If ThePirateBay proxies are not working, afterwards we can demeanour for new substitute servers by acid for it in Google. Meanwhile, we can also check a best ThePirateBay alternatives if a swell website is down.


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