• All VPNs to Be Blocked by Feb? Numerous China Tech Insiders Call BS

    When news per ostensible efforts by Chinese officials to retard VPN’s wholly by Feb of subsequent year, many foreigners began frantically pity those articles on amicable media and posting about their dismay during a tentative finish of their online freedom. Troubling as a reports, that were creatively published via Bloomberg, seem, many tech experts, both in […]

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  • Rights row site hacked

    Ranchi, Jul 13: The website of Jharkhand State Human Rights Commission has been hacked and a pages defaced with anti-government messages, and nonetheless experts trust a confidence crack might have happened on or around Jul 4, no one in a elect had any thought until today. The impulse a website ( www.jshrc.in) is opened, a […]

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  • CNN Doesn’t Understand Meme Culture and It Backfired Big Time

    The media’s excitable response to a meme Trump tweeted Sunday, shows only how out of hold they are with a mechanisms of internet culture. After Trump posted a brief video of himself wrestling/beating down a feeble shopped CNN logo, reporters fast went into a fit of sorrow about how this was a call for assault […]

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