• The Curious Case of Bryan Colangelo and a Secret Twitter Account

    Update, May 30: The Philadelphia 76ers announced Wednesday that they are investigating The Ringer’s news joining several Twitter accounts to boss of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo. In February, The Ringer perceived an opposite tip that Bryan Colangelo, a Philadelphia 76ers’ boss of basketball operations, had been personally doing 5 Twitter accounts. Since then, we have […]

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  • Tor Hidden Services

    Why should clients get all a privacy? Give your servers some privacy too! When people write remoteness guides, for a many partial they are created from the viewpoint of a client. Whether we are regulating HTTPS, blocking tracking cookies or going so distant as to crop a internet over Tor, those remoteness guides concentration on […]

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  • When online consumer markets initial emerged, they were hailed for lenient shoppers, enlivening foe …

    By Ivailo Izvorski and Maria Gonzalez-Miranda* Information record is not only transforming markets; it is also origination them ubiquitous, quite for domicile consumers. From flattering most anywhere in a world, one can now hunt out products and services, review prices from mixed sellers, and give minute shipping and smoothness instructions, all with a rodent click […]

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