• Radware Launches New Device Fingerprinting Technology to Mitigate Malicious … – Virtual

    IP-Agnostic Device Fingerprinting Implemented in Radware’s Attack Mitigation System Provides Accurate Identification to Precisely Detect Malicious End User Devices MAHWAH, N.J., Jun 01, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Radware® (Nasdaq:RDWR), a heading provider of cyber confidence and focus smoothness solutions ensuring optimal use turn for applications in virtual, cloud and program tangible information centers, currently announced […]

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  • Stop This Ideological Insanity

    Democracy is about leisure of choice. Freedom to atmosphere opinions during open forums. Freedom to vote. Freedom to pronounce out opposite amicable evils, hardship by a state, and standing and eremite inequalities. Democracy is also deliberate a symbol of an developed nation, irrespective of a few bigots and amicable opportunists who surpass their limits. Democracy […]

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  • Court Orders VPN, TOR & Proxy Advice Site to be Blocked

    While there is still most insurgency to a use in a United States, carrying websites blocked during a ISP turn is apropos easier in many other countries around a world. One nation where a routine is apropos ever some-more streamlined is Russia. The nation blocks hundreds of websites on many grounds, from copyright transgression to […]

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