• Encryption 101: A beam to encryption tools

    As any CryptoParty attendee will attest, we can usually safeguard a pretty private communication by regulating “strong, end-to-end encryption,” “strong” here definition scarcely unfit to break, even with supercomputers, and “end-to-end” referring to usually a dictated parties being means to appreciate a communications. Because a users store a keys on their devices, no one in […]

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  • Doxxing, swatting and a new trends in online harassment

    Enlarge When a SWAT group bursts into your bedroom, it’s not usually upsetting though potentially deadly. Credit: Jason Eppink/Flickr, CC BY Imagine this: there’s a hit during your door. “Pizza delivery!” It’s a fifth time in a final hour that you’ve had to contend to a delivery-person: “No, we unequivocally didn’t sequence anything.” That’s irritating. […]

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  • Scaling a firewall: Ways around supervision censorship online (+video)

    When Turkey temporarily blocked some-more than 100 websites — including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — progressing this month in an bid to bury a print that authorities there called “terrorist propaganda,” the trance generated an conflict opposite a Web and #twitterisblockedinturkey became a tip trending hashtag on Twitter. Online censorship is something a Turkish people are apropos accustomed […]

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