• TorGuard VPN

    It’s easier than ever to find a open Wi-Fi hotspot. Hotels, airports, coffee shops, libraries, even parks have them now. But it’s also easier than ever for someone to watch those networks to see what you’re doing and steal your personal information. Protecting your Internet tie with a VPN use like TorGuard should be a no-brainer. TorGuard […]

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  • Dark side of unknown proxies revealed

    Security in a Modern World: The ITProPortal Report free to download now: We’re all increasingly endangered about a remoteness and a footprint that we leave on a internet. It’s not startling afterwards that some-more of us are branch to unknown proxies to censor a start IP and HTTP details. But new investigate from website confidence company Incapsula has […]

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  • Anonymous proxies now used in a fifth of DDOS attacks

    The series of distributed rejection of use attacks regulating unknown proxies has increasing dramatically over a past year, according to a new investigate report, as enemy use these proxies to emanate an present pseudo-botnet. Ofer Gayer, confidence researcher during Redwood Shores, CA-based Incapsula Inc., pronounced he initial speckled a trend about a year ago. Incapsula […]

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