PenguinProxy 0.2.0

Penguin Proxy is a free, anonymous, community-powered VPN service. Your unknown web requests by PenguinProxy are forwarded by their servers as good as other PenguinProxy users. This routine is dictated to upset advertisers and censor your loyal temperament while we browse. Keep in mind that completing requests for other members of a village will boost both your download (when we ask on their behalf) and upload (when we send them a result). PenguinProxy now has some measures to extent this to reasonable levels, and they are formulation on incorporating more.

PenguinProxy is secure, and requests are entirely encrypted though given it is a community-based use with requests being forwarded by other users we can proportion it to regulating a open Wi-Fi hotspot. So, it is suggested to use PenguinProxy along with HTTPS Everywhere to obtain end-to-end encryption.

PenguinProxy usually supports HTTP (web browser) traffic, it does not work for OpenVPN, SOCKS, Bittorrent, SMPTP or other protocols.

Currently, PenguinProxy works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Android and iOS are not accessible right now. Browser extensions are approaching to seem for downloading soon.

Download: PenguinProxy 0.2.0 | 68.7 MB (Freeware)
Link: PenguinProxy Home Page | Other Operating Systems

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