TheSafety.US VPN review

Active in a VPN margin given 2006, TheSafety.US uses arguable record to strengthen a customers’ remoteness online, either browsing, streaming, or torrenting. It also allows users to tweak a use formed on preference: bullet-proof remoteness or blazing speeds.


The cheapest is a LiteVPN package, that costs $8.33/month if we opt for a annual billing option. It will get we entrance to servers in 21 countries, a Secure Kit Lite app and a provider’s insurance technologies. The monthly cost stairs adult dramatically if we go for a 6-month or 1-month subscription.

More costly packages embody some-more features, such as entrance to some-more VPN servers, Imitation HTTPS, a kill switch, as good as directing your trade by an additional server (the Double VPN package).

Simultaneous VPN connectors are authorised on adult to 4 inclination opposite all packages.

You can also squeeze your possess personal substitute server, that provides we with unknown entrance for all websites, during a cost of $5 any ($4 on renewal). They can also be purchased in bundles for durations of 10 or 30 days.

Payment methods embody PayPal, Yandex Money, Webmoney, Perfect Money, and even Bitcoin.

There’s a 100% 7-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, that we have verified. You can also get giveaway VPN entrance for 3 days if we send a provider a request.

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In a pricing range, TheSafety.US is a closest to ExpressVPN yet is a bit some-more formidable to get around as we don’t get any arrange of welcoming email with a download couple to palliate we into a platform, and receiving information on a website can be a tad difficult.

There are also lots of cheaper VPNs out there that will yield we with roughly a same turn of use during a reduce price. Examples embody NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost, all with most longer durations of money-back guarantee, feature-rich local apps for all platforms, vast believe bases and/or FAQ sections, and accessibility around live chat.


Many VPN users embark on a hunt for a height that will yield them with entrance to geo-restricted calm on renouned platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, or BBC iPlayer. TheSafety.US can assistance such users grasp this goal, nonetheless we didn’t have fitness perplexing to mangle by BBC iPlayer’s defenses.

About a company

TheSafety.US is headquartered in Panama, outward a office of a Fourteen Eyes notice agreement nations. The website is permitted in 7 opposite languages.

We were told by a support group that a association now uses 30 servers for VPN and several servers for a personal substitute service. The servers are positioned in over 24 countries, including Israel, Panama, South Africa, Malaysia, Chile, Ukraine, Finland and more.

At a time of writing, 15,784 substitute addresses (separated into 3 categories according to their purpose: anonymous, constant, and residential) were permitted in even some-more countries, like Macau, Guam, Dominican Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, Iran, Honduras, Cape Verde, Nicaragua, Gambia, Maldives, Turks and Caicos Islands, and many more.

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Privacy and encryption

To strengthen your privacy, TheSafety.US deploys OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) and IKEv2 VPN protocols, for that it uses a 256-bit encryption. Depending on a selected subscription package, users can run a singular VPN, Double VPN or offshore VPN, for varying levels of privacy.

All TheSafety.US subscription packages underline some form of Secure Kit program, that automatically configures a VPN tie and protects opposite DNS leaks. The module is means to impersonate a normal SSL connection, stealing a fact you’re regulating a VPN and display it to your ISP as a website visited around HTTPS. However, a provider says that it is a somewhat reduction unknown choice to regulating a central open-source OpenVPN program.

TheSafety.US claims that logs on a servers are infirm by default, including a handling complement logs, yet that a “VPN clients can keep statistics on a use of a VPN connection, including a record of visited websites”.

This VPN vendor’s Privacy Policy is a vast and minute request yet a tl;dr chronicle is this: it doesn’t record your activity, and this includes browsing history, trade destination, information content, or DNS queries. It also claims it never stores “connection logs, definition no logs of your IP address, your effusive VPN IP address, tie timestamp, or event duration.”

While there’s no outmost acknowledgment of these claims (yet), this does sound reassuring.

Torrenting is allowed, yet exclusively on servers in Chile, Panama, South Africa, and Ukraine.


TheSafety.US is concordant with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux devices, and routers. To set it up, we can download a OpenVPN-based Secure Kit app for Windows, Mac, Debian, Android, and iOS, as good as Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.

The choice is to use third-party program like a OpenVPN app, devices’ possess in-built VPN options, and config files. It is reduction user-friendly yet some-more anonymous, according to a provider itself.

Instructions for a designation are permitted on a website, as is a information about other tools of a service, yet it is a bit sparse around and can’t be accessed from one place, like a believe bottom or assistance center. 

If we wish to hit a provider’s patron support, you’ll customarily be means to do so around a web form permitted from a reduce right partial of a shade where some of a competitors customarily keep their live discuss option. Even yet this means there’s no approach hit with a support, it doesn’t meant that your summary will be left unanswered. We perceived a response to a query within mins of promulgation it.

Speed and experience

This VPN allows we to bond to a use around a Secure Kit app, that is really user-friendly, yet there’s also a somewhat some-more formidable approach that requires we to download third-party program and config files (and duplicate them into a applicable folder on your device), as good as follow a instructions on a website closely. This might not be ideal for beginners.

TheSafety.US has dual groups of servers: those focused on speed yet with reduction security, and those that place confidence above speed. We tested both forms on a 67.31Mbps contrast connection. 

Our initial plcae was Belgium, where a UDP fast entrance server hailed a blazing 45.06Mbps, while a TCP safer reflection customarily delivered 5.62Mbps. 

A identical settlement was clear on a UK servers: a UDP returned an superb 21.08Mbps, while a TCP customarily gave us 5.03Mbps. 

We also tested a server opposite a Atlantic Ocean, in Florida, from that we got a plain 12.63Mbps on a UDP server and a really low 1.89Mbps on TCP. 

Finally, a server on a other side of a world, in Malaysia, hailed a really good (for this location, during least) 8.02Mbps on UDP and, surprisingly, 2.00Mbps on a TCP connection.


TheSafety.US is a really good VPN use that will yield we with higher remoteness and/or superb download speeds for your online needs, be it browsing, streaming geo-restricted content, or P2P traffic. It also accepts payments in Bitcoin and provides plain no-logging assurances.

However, a website is a bit random and pricing a bit high, closer to some of a some-more determined VPN players in a industry, yet but such a purify and simple-to-use client.

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